The low flatness rate makes the contour completely controlled, makes the distribution of pressure even, reduces the tension when driving straight and improves the flexibility and balance of driving


New compound improves the resistance to wet slip under any conditions, provide the best performance from the start of the warm-up


1. The angular design is arranged according to the rolling direction to achieve good continuity when accelerating

2. By setting up independent ditches to facilitate deformation when leaning, a short warm-up can be carried out   

3. The full shape of the independent groove on the shoulder strengthens the regularity and the sealing

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Dual compound tread technology: maintains straight line stability & enhanced grip at maximum lean angles, Make the connection between your bike and the road stronger,especially on smooth surfaces, ensures the best stability and gives the rider the most confidence


Winding structure:

.Lightweight Structure

.Wire properties increased

.The reasonable distribution of the strength and weight ratio


Wire of the Steel Belt

High extensibility steel wire:

.lightweight Structure  

.The best structure stability when high speed

.Enhance the shock absorption of the road 




image.png Full tilt Angle: high tension, Good flexibility ,Get perfect trajectory when tilting,                                                                                                         The maximum trajectory is supported when tilting

image.pngStraight riding: low tension, high flexibility, Tilted gradually reduce wire winding tension,

                                                                                    straight riding get the maximum traction, Provide higher flexibility when go straight

image.png Controlling: low tension, balance the flexibility, The outline offer the best balance between 

                                                                             tilting&high flexibility, Perfect structure characteristics,the interaction between carcass ply                                                                                   and steel belt