With advanced tire test, and manufacture technology

1、 0° steel belt technology improves tire’s safety and stability in a high speed.

2、Using polyester cord and radial structure safer and more comfortable than Bias tire.

3、Applying hexagonal bead wire with winding technology, super elastic steel wires
  improve tirebead’s compactibility.

TREAD: the part contact with road surface, material is characterized by excellent
abrasion resistance to extend its service life                         
TREAD SHOULDER: the part contact with road surface, material characteristics                     for more emphasis on grasping ground performance, better                                             grip when the tire tilts, improves safety and stability.                   
SIDE WALL: material is made of flexural & fatigue resistant, to make the                          riding more comfortable                    
CHAFER: material with good wear resistance, not easy to wear out                    
 when connected with rim

Dual compound tread technology: maintains straight line stability & enhanced grip at
maximum lean angles, Make the connection between your bike and the road stronger,
especially on smooth surfaces, ensures the best stability and gives the rider the
most confidence

Optimized arranged patterns reduce wear of contact areas and enhance drainage
of  angle slopes

Low flat rate can make contour completely controlled uniform pressure distribution
linear tension decrease when driving improve flexibility balance performance


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